Kevin Costner & Modern West

Kevin Costner & Modern West

One of our writers had the opportunity to interview Kevin Costner & Modern West - read our interview here, including a brief note on Costner's involvement with the famous Hatfields & McCoys miniseries. more »

Apr 3, 2014 by in Behind BRC

The Franklin Restaurant

Caroline McKean

Sunday Morning Drive Leads to Down-Home Comfort-Food

On a whim, Caroline wound up finding the Franklin Restaurant, a small-town, comfort food restaurant with great prices and big selection. more »

Apr 2, 2014 by in Behind BRC (1 Comments)

Peanut butter pinwheels

Hayleigh Phillips

The Wannabe Chef: Peanut Butter Pinwheels and Divinity Candy

Learn how to make peanut butter pinwheels and divinity candy, just like grandma used to make! more »

Dec 18, 2013 by | in Behind BRC

Spanish meatballs

Liz Long

The Lazy Baker: Spanish Meatballs

These meatballs are so flavorful and tender, they're going to disappear before your eyes. more »

Dec 17, 2013 by | in Behind BRC

The Wannabe Chef: Preacher Cookies

Preacher cookies. No-bake oatmeal cookies. Whatever you call them, this is definitely a recipe you can easily pull together if you need a quick dessert. more »

Dec 10, 2013 by | in Behind BRC

Wannabe Chef: Dark Chocolate Macaroons

The Wannabe Chef learns to love coconut with her dark chocolate coconut macaroons recipe. more »

Dec 1, 2013 by in Behind BRC

The Wannabe Chef: Chicken & Dumplings

This version has many ingredients you’d expect: chicken and dumplings – of course – carrots and celery. But it also incorporates potatoes and a mixture of herbs that take the flavor of the broth and dumplings to a new level. more »

Dec 1, 2013 by | in Behind BRC

January Jams at Barter Theatre

For the second year, the Town of Abingdon has partnered with Barter Theatre and Bonefire Brands to kick off the 2014 Abingdon Music Experience with the January Jams concert series. This series will include 7 total concerts, starting January 9. more »

Nov 21, 2013 by in Behind BRC

The Wannabe Chef: Butternut Squash & Apple Soup

This butternut squash soup is full of vegetables, as well as an apple to add both tart and sweet elements to the meal. And it was so easy to put together! more »

Nov 16, 2013 by | in Behind BRC

The Wannabe Chef: Baked Alaska

The coolest part about Baked Alaska is the fact that it’s baked. Ice cream in the oven? Yep. Apparently, the meringue serves as insulation, so while it browns in the oven for a few minutes, the ice cream doesn’t melt. more »

Nov 11, 2013 by | in Behind BRC

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