From the Editor: Farewell to our ‘Heart and Soul’



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Kindred Spirit by the Sea

I'm just reading the end of Elizabeth Hunter's article in the November/December edition, and wondering about her last sentence...."all the best." Happy for her but feel a bit blue for the rest of us, because her words were among the most meaningful in each edition for me. I've lived on Cape Cod for twenty years, but have subtly embedded within my landscape the Rhododendron, Mountain Laurel and Sweet Birch that surrounded my youth in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. I've never met Elizabeth, but with every edition and every article by her, I've always felt that she was a kindred spirit who would somehow understand my need to mingle that bit of the Blue Ridge with the Chokeberry, Hydrangea, Beach Rose and Bayberry of my adulthood by the sea. Your magazine means so much to me, and a big part of that is being pulled into Elizabeth's writings from the farm, as I try to bring as many of my childhood mountain memories to live with me here, by the sea, so blessed but also so far away.

Ken more than 3 years ago

Hate to see you go.

I realize that none of us are indispensable and someone will come along to do a column. But, I sure would hate to be the person who follows Ms. Hunter. Like many others, I don't save the best for last - I go straight to her stories. They have covered so many topics. God Speed and enjoy your retirement.

Norma Rowlette more than 3 years ago

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