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Drivers in North Carolina and Tennessee who buy the “Friends of the Smokies” specialty license plate have raised more than $15 million since the program started 20 years ago Read more

Country Roads

Thanks to a community-driven effort in Buncombe County, North Carolina to reduce energy use, Duke Energy said in April it would shelve a proposed new natural gas fired power plant at Lake Julian. Read more

Country Roads

Poor Farmer’s Market is just off the Blue Ridge Parkway Read more

Country Roads

Virginia Outfitter Offers Paddleboarding for Dogs Read more

Country Roads

Prompted by somewhat unusual circumstances, the Blue Ridge Conservancy has protected 174 acres in Watauga County that include key habitat for the federally endangered Virginia long-eared bat. Read more

Country Roads

Glen Facemire, the “Ramp Man” of Richwood, West Virginia, says it’s time for him to sell what may be the world’s only ramp farm. Read more

Country Roads

The longest pedestrian suspension bridge in North America is open in the Smokies. Read more

Country Roads


Joseph Mackareth

And then there was that canoe trick. Read more

Mill Creek Stories


Ryan Hagerty/USFWS

This aggressive fish is a formidable threat to native species. Read more

Creature Feature


Leonard Adkins

The easy 1.5-mile walk to town can be augmented with a bit of exploring once you get there. Read more

The Good Walk


Erik Larsen

Our columnist went to Landrum, in search of a small town on the rise in Upstate South Carolina. What she didn’t know was that she’d find four such towns in the Carolina Foothills. Read more

Our Blue Ridge Towns


Fred & Jill Sauceman

Tradition and Change Mingle at the Hob-Nob Drive-In Read more

, Food & Flavors

It’s summer, so let the feast of flowers begin. You read that right. Eating flowers is a thing. Go ahead. Sprinkle some petals on your plate and add a little variety and a great deal of color to your meal. Read more

Singing in the Garden

Will Griffin has served as the mayor of the small town of Floyd, Virginia, for 10 years. During that time Floyd has received national recognition from USA Today and Southern Living magazine as one of the best small towns in the South. Read more

Guest Columnists

Professor of Biological Sciences Dr. Fred Alsop joined the faculty of East Tennessee State University in 1972. The author of 18 books on the birds of North America, he is the director of the EagleCam Project that has live-streamed around the world. Read more

Guest Columnists

Elk viewing is to be improved in the Virginia mountains. Read more

Mountain Report

Chestnut Leaves

Erik Gerhardt

Almost 20,000 acres of the Cherokee National Forest officially became part of America’s protected wilderness on March 12, when the president signed into law a package of wilderness bills totaling 1.7 million acres nationwide. Read more

Mountain Report


Gerri Wilson/USFWS Volunteer

The Canaan Valley of West Virginia is home to some 580 plant species. Read more

Mountain Report

“Fortnite” creator Tim Sweeney is helping create a different kind of landscape in the North Carolina mountains. Read more

Country Roads