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David Arthur Ramsey is an outdoor photographer, writer and conservationist, born and raised in Unicoi County, Tennessee. Read more

Guest Columnists


Ginny Neil

The best laid plans are the ones you can find again. —Ginny Read more

Singing in the Garden


Fred and Jill Sauceman

How one couple reconnected with their roots, went outside to play and realized the full joys of getting your hands into the soil. Read more

, Food & Flavors

A teeny, colorful fish found only in a few West Virginia rivers has been added to the nation’s list of endangered species, meaning extra care must be taken to preserve its limited habitat. Read more

Country Roads


Courtesy of Beal Center Events

The courthouse-turned-event center retains its exterior, with a whole new look inside. Read more

Country Roads

Mount-Mitchell-State-Park-Overlook-near-Burnsville-3.jpg - Chip Henderson | Chip Henderson Read more

Country Roads

Thanks to a joint effort of public agencies, nonprofits, and donors large and small, 900 acres in the Blue Ridge foothills in Polk County, North Carolina, once slated for development, are now permanently protected. Read more

Country Roads


Bill Crabtree

The Southwest Virginia crafts and cuisine center is getting an update. Read more

Country Roads

Where Small Business is Big Business: An hour southwest of Asheville, two adjoining North Carolina towns have earned themselves a string of “firsts” and “onlys.” Read more

Our Blue Ridge Towns


Leonard and Laurie Adkins

You can scale your walk just to view the stunning formations, or to get up-close and personal. Read more

The Good Walk


Casey Phillips/Tennessee Aquarium

Come early spring at damp, leaf-covered spots in the Southern mountains, the salamander mating rituals can be spectacular. Read more

Creature Feature

Inventing Hangry

Molly Dugger Brennan

How a man who loved food got through the month of March. Read more

Mill Creek Stories

If you have the gear and the goodies, the context and the companion, there’s no reason that every lunch in the woods shouldn’t be a full delight. Read more

From the Editor

The accoutrements for hiking have changed over the years, but remnants of the old ways remain. Read more

From the Editor