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The Osterfeld house on Lake Jocassee, S.C.

Photography by firewater photography

The peacefulness of water just outside the door seems to engender not just a quiet restfulness for the owners, but also a delightful lure to family and friends. more

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As with most any undertaking, you get out of a garden what you put into it. more

Mountain Garden

With heat or without, they’re tasty, versatile and pretty easy to grow. more

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There’s much more to these locations than a great place to put your feet up after retirement. Each offers its own enticing attractions, activities and geographic gems that help retirees make the most of their work-free days. more

Retirement & Relocation

Slye moved to the Shenandoah Valley in 1993, after living in Richmond, Va., Texas and New York. Here she found a quiet retreat where she could pursue her craft “from sheep to shawl,” volunteer at the Village Library, and more. more

Retirement & Relocation

Dodson Home

Photo by Jeffrey B. Miller.

Three families have created perfect homes in the mountains, each finding its own way of including and preserving the natural beauty and unique history of the home’s surroundings. more

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Nick Berndt, owner of Appalachian Custom Homes in Sylva, N.C., wheels his Tundra up a winding incline to the site of a 3,700-square-foot hybrid timber frame home he’s building. more

Home Profiles

Log homes generally require more maintenance than people initially take time to consider. more

Home Profiles