The Lonesome Death of Ottie Cline Powell



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I was trying to find more information on this and the Blue Ridge Memorial. Is there any way to access the newspaper articles mentioned or even the book? I have not had much luck with any online archives or even a place to purchase the book mentioned in this article. Hopefully this is still a monitored page and more legitimate than the others I have found with different background stories that seemed to be mostly tall tales.

Helen Bice 221 days ago

We were there today

Sad story. But testimony to the endurance of such a young hiker trying to do his teacher a favor.

Grampaw & Grammaw Mac trail hikers more than 1 year ago


I am in tears reading this heartbreaking story. I do not care how long ago it was. That poor child, cold and alone. His family.....mother. Sad, so very sad. :(

Nancy Layton more than 1 year ago

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