Fred & Jill Sauceman

Tradition and Change Mingle at the Hob-Nob Drive-In Read more

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U.S. 29 near Woods Mill.

Courtesy Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), Lynchburg District.

In late August, 1969, Hurricane Camille produced a once-in-10,000-years inland storm with the strength of a 40,000-megaton nuclear bomb that nearly destroyed Nelson County, Va. Read more

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It's Not Just Their Subjects That Are The Stuff Of Miracles Read more

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Janette Carter Extends A 60-Year Tradition That Began With The Birth Of Country Music Read more

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The most-photographed spot along the 470 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway was nearly lost before the roadway was built. And then again even after it was decided to save it. Old Ed Mabry would sure stand proud at what's happened to his mill. Read more

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A black and white portrait of a woman looking off-camera - Cornelia Vanderbilt | Blue Ridge Country

Courtesy Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division

After her 10-year marriage, she left the Asheville, North Carolina estate, never to return. Read more


In 1916 World War I raged in Europe. Dadaism, ripe with comic derision and irrationality, took hold in artistic circles. Margaret Sanger opened the first birth-control clinic. It was a good year for scapegoats. It was a good year to hang an elephant. Read more

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Photos courtesy of Pike County KY Tourism Commission ("Devil Anse" Hatfield photo courtesy West Virginia State Archives)

Join us for a brand new guest blog series that will dive deeper than ever before into the true story of America's most brutal feud. Read more

Hatfields & McCoys, Revisited

Roseanna McCoy

Pike County KY Tourism Commission

Roseanna McCoy's tale is a classic story of a girl who loved too much. Little did she know how completely her happiness was doomed. Nor that she would become fuel in America's most famous, brutal feud. Read more

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Tweetsie Railroad

Joe Tennis

All of a sudden, we took a turn and found the Country Fair. It was loaded with rides, like little cars to drive, plus a merry-go-round, and it all sat in the middle of the Tweetsie Railroad theme park, encircled by active train tracks! Read more

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Gary Powers Aircraft

Courtesy Gary Powers Jr / Cold War Museum

Summer, 1943 Princeton, W.Va. "I left my heart up there, Pap, and I'm goin' back to get it," 14-year-old Francis Gary Powers told his father, Oliver, after his first plane ride - in a Piper Cub... Read more

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Franklin's Lost Cabin

Joe Tennis

Across east Tennessee, a mystique remains when it comes to Franklin – the ill-fated “lost state” named for Benjamin Franklin. Read more

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Town Hall sign

Josh Sexton

Turn-of-the-century Bramwell, West Virginia, was a rich little town with more millionaires than any place of its size in America. Read more

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Tom Dula

Illustration by Edith Carter

A love triangle, a murder, a young man on the gallows… it’s the stuff ballads are made of. Sharyn McCrumb takes a trip to N.C. to unravel the truth about Tom Dooley – or rather, Tom Dula – hanged in 1868 for a crime that still raises questions. Read more

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...Or, Giving Lizzie Mabry Her Due About 3 million people a year visit the beautiful spot at Blue Ridge Parkway milepost 176.2, where nearly 100 years ago a strong, hard-working couple came to live and make themselves a life on the land... Read more

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Ty Cobb was among the best baseball players ever. What contributed to his success and uncompromising style on the field and in life? Read more

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Bronze sculpture of Mary Draper Ingles

Allison Langford

An Extraordinary Woman, And Equal To Any Emergency: Mary Draper Ingles' Return To Virginia's New River Valley Read more

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A portrait of the twins as young men

Courtesy Wilson Library, UNC-Chapel Hill

The story of Eng and Chang Bunker – the world's most famous connected twins, the ones who gave us the term Siamese twins. Read more

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