Sept/Oct 2018


Susan Jamison

Cathryn Hankla is an intrepid traveler and the author of more than a dozen books. This excerpt is from her latest book, a memoir in essays, Lost Places: On Losing and Finding Home (Mercer University Press, 2018) Read more

Guest Columnists


Fred and Jill Sauceman

Well, the exquisite concoction did originate in France, but Fred and Jill Sauceman knew it first from an East Tennessee friend. Read more

Food & Flavors

Capon Springs & Farms

Courtesy of Capon Springs & Farms

This other-era resort offers a getaway like few others, along with 10 miles of trails. Read more

The Good Walk


Sid Vedula

With surprises ranging from ghosts and spirits to delicious dining destinations and more, each stop is pure pleasure. Read more



Molly Dugger Brennan

How news from far away came to rest at the heart. Read more

Mill Creek Stories

Freshwater mussels are among the most interesting—and imperiled—critters on the planet. Read more

Creature Feature

Another 110 acres of North Carolina mountains will be preserved for ecological health and public enjoyment thanks to the Foothills Conservancy of North Carolina. Read more

Country Roads

The historic site, where minors and lawmen clashed in 1921, has been put back on the National Register of Historic Places. Read more

Country Roads

Nina Simone’s North Carolina childhood home is protected. Read more

Country Roads

For 50 years, the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act (1968) has protected 208 rivers flowing through 40 states and Puerto Rico via balance and responsible stewardship. Read more

Country Roads

If you ask John Bruner if Bigfoot exists, he’ll tell you about an encounter he had in August 2017 near Lake James in McDowell County, North Carolina. Read more

Country Roads


Hannah Miller

With Blue Ridge Aromatics, Ian Montgomery has made his way—one step at a time and with a misstep or two—into the business of beautiful scents. Read more



Ginny Neil

Elora Overbey’s face lights up when she talks about food and family. “Our family’s love language is food,” she tells me. “It’s a shared passion.” So, it’s no surprise that she eventually ended up at the Allegheny Mountain Institute. Read more



Ed Rehbein

West Virginia’s Hanging Rock is a great place to watch migratory hawks and other birds. Read more



Bruce Ingram

The prospects for one of the mountains’ most beautiful trees look better than they did a decade back. Read more


Kayla Carter is a role model for recruiting young people to outdoor pursuits. Read more



Debra Vanderlaan, Celebrate Life Gallery

Echoes from earlier times commingle with soft fall light to create the romance of the covered bridge. Read more



Pat & Chuck Blackley

Elizabeth Hunter, who began contributing to this magazine with its first issue and served as its award-winning columnist until her retirement at the end of 2014, also wrote dozens of articles, with care, awe and love, about the Blue Ridge Parkway. Read more



Elizabeth Hunter

Here’s a story I’d partly forgotten, until I started rereading what I’d written about the Blue Ridge Parkway for this magazine—and one that bears repeating. Read more



Elizabeth Hunter

Here’s a story I never knew, until I started working on this article. Read more