Photo Essays


Dana Foreman

Is there a more poignant splash of color in the mountain landscape than the bloom of rhododendron? Dana Foreman’s images suggest perhaps not. See more of her work at more



Matt Cuda

Matt Cuda lives in North Carolina and specializes in nature photography. See much more of his work at more


Building a following. Photographer Jared Kreiss captures the mysteries of East Tennessee and beyond. more



Kevin Adams

The images of long-time friend of the magazine Kevin Adams have graced the pages of Blue Ridge Country for decades. We consider ourselves lucky to run a few more in this edition. more



Randall Sanger

Undiscovered Falls of Virginia and West Virginia A new book presents great photos and visitation info for hundreds of falls. We present sneak peeks of a few of the lesser-known. photography By randall sanger more



Debra Vanderlaan, Celebrate Life Gallery

Echoes from earlier times commingle with soft fall light to create the romance of the covered bridge. more



Sallie J. Woodring Photography

If you loved Sallie J. Woodring's photo essay in our May/June 2016 issue here are even more stunning summer images we didn't have room to show you in print! more

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Kevin Adams

If you loved the photo essay in our Nov./Dec. 2015 issue then check out even more stunning photos and great photography tips here! more

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Michele Sons

View more breathtaking images from Southwest Virginia photographer Michele Sons that we did not have the space to bring you in our Sept/Oct 2015 issue! more



Naresh Balaguru

Come the warmest months, we have tendency to seek out the coolest spots, and in this part of the country that means mountaintops and waterfalls. Let's visit a few. more


See more inspiring scenes from Jim Ruff we didn't have the space to share in our Jan/Feb 2015 issue! more



Danny Redd

Take a look back at these great fall photos sent in by readers like you. Our thanks to all who submitted their images! more

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Jim Ruff

Click here to see even more beautiful photos from Jim Ruff's September/October 2014 Fall Foliage photo essay! more



Robert Stephens

Click here for even more beautiful photos from Robert Stephen's July/August 2014 photo essay! more


Looking Glass Falls

Kevin Adams

"Waterfall Guy" Kevin Adams, author of "North Carolina Waterfalls," has also become a master night photographer and, with Bill Lea, is founder of WNC Foto Fest, held in September near Asheville. more


Late Fall Beauty

Lori Kincaid

The leaves linger here and there, the air is crisp and carries just a hint of flurries overnight. It’s the delightful, poignant end to a season. more


Swallowtail in Flight

Rob Travis

Spring and summer wildflowers attract us with their beauty. they attract flying creatures with color, scent and sustenance. more

We generally start with what we hear as the overall hope of our readers: a beautiful scenic photograph in the mountains. more

From the Editor

White-throated Sparrow

Rob Travis

Can't get enough of those bird photos in our March/April issue? Here are even more beautiful images from award-winning photographer Rob Travis! more


Lori Kincaid Photography

Photographer Lori Kincaid takes us along as she explores the winter landscape surrounding her mountain-top home on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. more