Nov/Dec 2019


Angela Minor

The beauty of the hand-crafted—of wood, glass, clay, metal, fabric or stone—is exceeded perhaps only by the sensory pleasure of holding the item in your hands. Read more


Green Pastures, Virginia: Gone But Not Forgotten Read more

Guest Columnists


Ginny Neil

Manicures . . . are basically just holding hands with a stranger for 45 minutes.  —Miranda Hart Read more

Singing in the Garden


Fred Sauceman

From school lunch boxes to elegant buffets, pimento cheese can be traditionally simple or wildly creative. Read more

, Food & Flavors


Bill Rozday

Our readers nominated more than 50 crafters for mentions in the magazine. Bob and Mary McIntire’s business was touted more than a half dozen times. Read more


Quiet-loving chairmaker Curtis Buchanan long ago traded his power tools for a sledgehammer and a drawknife. Read more



Brent McGuirt

It’s that first afternoon that feels like snow. That westerly breeze that leaves no doubt a new season is about to arrive. Our contributing photographers were there to capture it. Read more



The Biltmore Company

George W. Vanderbilt III saw to every detail before welcoming family and friends to the 1895 holiday season. Alas, no known photographs of the celebrations survive. Read more


How a boyhood fascination led to a man’s connection with a red-tailed hawk. Read more



Joe Tennis

The bank barn at Virginia’s Belle Grove Plantation is now the Beverley B. Shoemaker Welcome Center. Read more

Country Roads

The Denise Giardina novel from the late ‘80s still rings true and strong. Read more

Country Roads


Joan Vannorsdall

“A Moving River Experience” is what St. Paul, Virginia, promises visitors. That . . . and a whole lot more. Read more

Our Blue Ridge Towns

The town, in the state's panhandle, makes for great walking—into history, distinctive shopping and fine restaurants. Read more

The Good Walk

What do you do if your neighbor hates the wildlife you’re trying to attract? Read more

Creature Feature

It’s that time of year, and perhaps a time of need. Read more

Mill Creek Stories

We were too late in giving the tree the respect and attention my father had modeled so well. Read more

From The Editor

The new Moogseum of Asheville, North Carolina, heralds the accomplishments of a legendary music-maker. Read more

Country Roads


Kentucky Dept. for Libraries & Archives

During the Depression, they delivered books and other reading materials in remote rural areas, to people with no other access to the world of reading. Read more



Angela Minor

The bedcover we know as a quilt is much more than the sum of its parts. In the Southern mountains, and across the globe, quilters hold a sacred place as documentarians of culture. Read more



Angela Minor

Eleven years ago, groups of college exchange students traveled 7,700 miles from the U.S. to the town of Jingdezhen in southern China. On that trip Seth Guzovsky and Andrea Denniston first met… and then went their separate ways. Read more