Mabry Mill

The most-photographed spot along the 470 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway was nearly lost before the roadway was built. And then again even after it was decided to save it. Old Ed Mabry would sure stand proud at what's happened to his mill. Read more

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Jack Betts

The iconic mill on the 469-mile blue ridge parkway had fallen victim to harsh weather, time and lack of funding. To the rescue this spring came two parkway artisans and $65,000 in foundation support. Online extras - see even more photos! Read more


...Or, Giving Lizzie Mabry Her Due About 3 million people a year visit the beautiful spot at Blue Ridge Parkway milepost 176.2, where nearly 100 years ago a strong, hard-working couple came to live and make themselves a life on the land... Read more

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