Jan/Feb 2020

Dylan Locke has been producing music, performing arts and educational outreach programs for the last 30 years. He is the co-owner of the 100-year-old Floyd Country Store in Floyd, Virginia, along with his wife, Heather Krantz. Read more

Guest Columnists


Ginny Neil

Lucy Van Pelt: I never eat December snow[flakes]. I always wait ‘til January. Linus Van Pelt: They sure look ripe to me. —Charles Schultz Read more

Singing in the Garden


Fred Sauceman

The food at this Abingdon, Virginia, eatery is as beautiful as the art on the walls of the water-themed dining room. Read more

, Food & Flavors


Nicki Ahrens

Former Girl Scout Lora Callahan spent 120 hours leading an effort to make James River State Park Virginia’s second International Dark Sky Park. It became such last spring. Read more



Justin McVey

Wildlife biologist Justin McVey loves working with critters—the larger, the better. Read more



Lori Kincaid

Hey, let’s not short the cold season, hard as it may be to step outside into it. Our contributing photographers certainly brave the elements, and are back with the beautiful proof. Read more


Wait, a face carved in stone at the New River Gorge? Tweetsie Railroad had three lives? And West Virginia’s Cheat Mountain four? Get details about these riddles and more in our annual collection of the strange but true. Read more



David Sibray, WV Explorer

The enigmatic face was likely carved into soapstone in the 1950s by a coal miner. Read more



Brian Stansberry

The versatile, utilitarian rock is found at Schuyler, Virginia, and mined there by the nation’s oldest and largest producer of American soapstone. Read more


Yes, the little engine began its life where it rolls today, but made a trek to Virginia and nearly ended up in California. Gene Autry Nearly Owned It. Read more


Peregrine falcons, Canada warblers, wood thrushes and Acadian flycatchers are among the species that now have more habitat under permanent protection in North Carolina. Read more

Country Roads

The freshened billboard is along I-24 at South Pittsburg, Tennessee. Read more

Country Roads

It’s hard to know where to start reading Ron Rash. With family roots extending far back in the North Carolina mountains, Rash sees and hears his place with keen accuracy and weaves story lines you can’t stop following into the dark woods. Read more

Country Roads


Joe Tennis

The Blackburn Inn’s history reaches back to 1825. Read more

Country Roads


Kaye Willis

One key to a city on the rise: “A lot of really good people doing really good things.” Read more

Our Blue Ridge Towns

This short hike provides tastes of history, forest and creatures. Read more

The Good Walk


Joseph MacKareth

One happy conundrum of a long and successful marriage. Read more

Mill Creek Stories


CarolinaSmith Getty Images/iStockphoto

Hardy Wood Frogs Can Even Lose Heartbeat for a Time. Read more

Creature Feature


Liliboas Getty Images/iStockphoto

Our former columnist’s lifelong love of the magical migrating butterflies is, well, an inspiration. Read more

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