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Leisure Publishing design intern Nomin Enkhbold spent a day hiking and boating at the Carvins Cove Natural Reserve. Read more



Nomin Enkhbold

Leisure Publishing graphic design intern Nomin Enkhbold spent the day enjoying the scenery at the Mabry Mill, located on post 176.2 of the Blue Ridge Parkway, located in Floyd, VA. Read more



Jerry Greer

The book of that title, featuring essays by Charles Maynard and photography by Jerry Greer, celebrates “the world’s oldest mountains” in about 200 pages of coffee-table expansiveness, stunning photos and poignant essays. Read more


Seventy-five years ago Abingdon, Va.’s Barter Theatre opened its doors for the first time. The Barter has just published “Will Work For Food,” a retrospective of its humble beginnings. The following is excerpted from its first chapter. Read more

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Robert Llewellyn

In a new book, author and lecturer Nancy Ross Hugo, Virginia Tech Department of Forestry extension specialist and professor Jeff Kirwan and photographer Robert Llewellyn beautifully document the oldest, tallest, most historic trees in Virginia Read more

Book Reviews

Shillalah Falls

Chuck Summers

Chuck Summers, a photographer and church minister, has a book of images from across the state of Kentucky. Read more

Book Reviews