Fall Travel


Lori Kincaid

Hey, let’s not short the cold season, hard as it may be to step outside into it. Our contributing photographers certainly brave the elements, and are back with the beautiful proof. Read more



Brent McGuirt

It’s that first afternoon that feels like snow. That westerly breeze that leaves no doubt a new season is about to arrive. Our contributing photographers were there to capture it. Read more



Ginny Neil

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. —Anne of Green Gables Read more

Singing in the Garden

Temperatures cool. Colors sharpen. Trails beckon. Time to drink in the best of autumn with these great shots from our contributing photographers. Read more


Build your autumn-leaves excursions around agri-visits this year. You might meet up with Hammy Wynette and Reba Bacontire. Read more



Sid Vedula

With surprises ranging from ghosts and spirits to delicious dining destinations and more, each stop is pure pleasure. Read more



Ed Rehbein

West Virginia’s Hanging Rock is a great place to watch migratory hawks and other birds. Read more



Debra Vanderlaan, Celebrate Life Gallery

Echoes from earlier times commingle with soft fall light to create the romance of the covered bridge. Read more


Cloudland Canyon State Park

Joe & Becky Gibbons

Joe and Becky Gibbons embrace the coming of autumn, seeking new photographic inspiration in the contrasting elements of life-giving water and the dying cycle of leaves. Read more

Fall Travel

From wine to cheese, from music to quilts, we provide the routes to your favorites. Read more


Our on-the-road contributing editor is back with a bounty of experience-filled excursions. Read more


When better to get out the tent than the cool nights of fall? Read more


This fall, combine your leaf peeping with treks for all the senses. Read more


Throw in a great place to eat and a cozy place to rest and you're ready to hit the road. Read more



Michele Sons

View more breathtaking images from Southwest Virginia photographer Michele Sons that we did not have the space to bring you in our Sept/Oct 2015 issue! Read more



Danny Redd

Take a look back at these great fall photos sent in by readers like you. Our thanks to all who submitted their images! Read more

Behind BRC


Jim Ruff

Click here to see even more beautiful photos from Jim Ruff's September/October 2014 Fall Foliage photo essay! Read more


Highland County, VA

Pat & Chuck Blackley.

Here are some autumn drives for an afternoon, a day or a weekend. Read more

Fall Travel

Color and foliage. Put them together and you have autumn. Combine them and you promote weekend excursions. Read more

Fall Travel

Our staff has put together a list of regional webcams and resource pages with info on quality mountain views for your fall leaf-viewing pleasure! Read more

Fall Travel