Deborah R. Huso

Helen and Julia Smith

Joseph Mackereth

Helen and Julia Smith spent a quarter century documenting the wildflowers along the Blue Ridge Parkway on slides and in notebooks, eventually influencing the Parkway to change its mowing practices to preserve the blooms. Read more

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The blend is inviting: Retro kitsch plus modern attractions. Read more


Combine the Patsy Cline magic of Winchester with getting "lost" in West Virginia, and you're ready for fun. Read more


The distinctive towns that dot "the valley of the stars" are home to great places to eat. Read more


Photo Contest Winner Dave Allen!

Dave Allen

Looking for a rewarding walk to some of the southern mountains’ loveliest falls? Here are some of our top picks, with details on the walks to get to them. Read more


Highland County, Va

Photo by Scott McClurg

I don’t remember anymore when I first visited Highland County, Va. I know it was a tradition in our household to venture over three mountain ranges each March for the annual maple festival. Read more

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Smokies Creek

Deborah Huso

It’s one of those typical days in Cades Cove in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. My husband and are stuck behind a line of slow-moving cars taking the popular and almost always overcrowded Cades Cove loop tour. Read more

Behind BRC

Often recognized for their beauty and recreational opportunities, the reservoirs of the southern mountains fuel local economies, provide clean drinking water, power homes and businesses, and protect countless acres of farmland from flooding. Read more

Behind BRC