Bruce Ingram


Bruce Ingram

The prospects for one of the mountains’ most beautiful trees look better than they did a decade back. Read more


Gypsy Moth Leaf

Bruce Ingram

The stand of chestnut and scarlet oaks on my 140-acre mountainside tract in the Sinking Creek Valley of Craig County, Va. spoke volumes about the devastation that gypsy moths can wreak. Read more


From fishing and boating to taking in tall tales, historic Jonesborough, Tenn. provides everything you need for an enchanting escape in the Blue Ridge region. Read more


Besides obviously a canoe and dry box or bag and perhaps a rod for fishing and binoculars for birding, what are some essential items for canoe camping the Blue Ridge's rivers during the warm weather period? Read more

Behind BRC

Canoe Potomac

Bruce Ingram

A canoe trip on the Potomac means beautiful scenery, impressive fishing, lots of birding and overnight stops on land from campsites to B&Bs. Read more

Great Escapes

Orchard at Altapass Apples

Marty & Allison Martin

The brother-and-sister team of Kit Trubey and Bill Carson has rescued some 275 parkway-straddling acres and brought them back to apple-bearing life. Read more

Fall Travel

To us, they’re an afternoon snack, good for slicing over cereal or baking into a special dessert. To our mountain ancestors, apples were subsistence foods, and they raised a host of varieties that ripened from early summer through late fall... Read more

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“How about 30 by 3:00?” I ask my wife Elaine as we launch from the Hartzog Ford Road low-water bridge. “Aren’t you just a tad optimistic?” she poses back. On many rivers, Elaine would be right to doubt our ability to hear or see 30 birds... Read more

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