Wendell Scott Gets His Due




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The race Wendell won at Jacksonville Speedway.

Ronnie Rohn, president of the Jacksonville Stock Car Racing Hall of Fame presented his idea to the hall of fame. The idea was to honor the Scott family with the trophy their dad never received for his win in 1963. All the members were in favor of Ronnie's idea, so Ronnie and his wife, Sue went to the dayton Archives in Daytona beach to find a trophy of that era. After looking at several photos they found one that would fit the win at that time. Ronnie had the trophy made, In the meantime, NASCAR Media call Ronnie and asked him if he could find a car like the one Windell won the race in. He could not find a 61' chevrolet Bel-Air but did find a 63'. Ronnie with the help of 4 hall of fame members (Joe Byles, Earl Lindsey, Ronnie & Kenny Blair turned the 63' into a Baby Blue #34 race car. Ronnie took the car to the I-77 Speedway in South Carolina where NASCAR Media filmed a documentary of Wendell Scott "a Race Story". In October 2010, the Jacksonville Stock Car RAcing Hall of Fame held a vintage race at the Golden Isle Speedway, Brunswick, Georgia. The Scott family was invited to attend. The trophy was presented to the family by Ronnie in honor of Wendell's NASCAR win. The Scott family invited Ronnie and Sue to attend the induction of their Dad into the NASCAR Hall of Fame 2015.

Sue Rohn more than 2 years ago

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