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Staycation in Va. And North Caolina

Reading your article on the nearby attractions (which we unfortunately have not taken advantage of) makes me want to jump in the car and start touring these places. We often pass these places by and say we'll catch it next time (which we never seem to get around to it as my husband has never been one to deviate from the direct road to our scheduled destination). Sadly, health issues may now prevent some of the more physically challenging stopovers but I still hope to visit them. It's never too late to "stop and smell the roses" we are fortunate to have in this area. Enjoy your articles which give a nice overview of what we can expect. Thanks so much!

Bonnie Spangler more than 2 years ago

Editor's Note

Thank you for your comment.

Due to limited space, we chose to give a quick overview of the Blowing Rock yet also focus on the great food, shopping and lodging of the town - all to give our readers a sampling of a wonderful weekend spent at this charming North Carolina town. As for the "Legend of the Blowing Rock," tradition says a Native American girl fell in love with a brave from a neighboring tribe. But they were not allowed to be together. So the young brave jumped from this cliff - only to be blown back into the arms of the girl that he loved by that same "legendary wind" that appears to make snow blow upside down and hats blow back to you.

Blue Ridge Country Editorial Staff more than 2 years ago

The Legend of the Blowing Rock

My wife and I love your publication and look forward to receiving it in the mail. The article about Blowing Rock, NC left something to be desired however. The article references the "legendary" Blowing Rock and talks about the snow falling upside down and one's hat being blown back. The actual legend of the Blowing Rock is never mentioned. I am from Bristol, VA/TN, have been to Blowing Rock numerous times in my life, and hope to go there many more times. I learned of the legend when I was very young. It is disappointing that the article, while calling the Blowing Rock "legendary", didn't mention the legend at all. As much as that bothers me as a native of this region, if I were from Blowing Rock I think I'd be a little more than disappointed. As it is, the article is incomplete at best.

We really do like your publication and look forward to reading more about our beautiful region in future editions.

Robert E. Baxley more than 2 years ago

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