Photography Guidelines

We can especially use more images from Kentucky, South Carolina and Alabama as well as our other coverage states: Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina.


The photo essay will continue to be part of each issue, but for the foreseeable future will be a combination of book and gallery/museum exhibit previews, and also essays of work by talented individual photographers -- though we cannot pay, this is a good option for those who are interested in editorial coverage of their work. Those essays will include short profile, web link and contact information, with the idea of getting them, their work and their business directly in front of 425,000 readers' eyes.

If you have a book coming out or a gallery show coming up, or are interested in being considered for an editorial profile, e-mail Kurt Rheinheimer at

We will still be seeking and buying images for cover and features; the photo essay is only 4 to 6 pages of every issue, so please keep those submissions coming!

For those applying for editorial feature consideration, please submit the following:

  • bio including prior publication, recognitions and awards and description of current professional work
  • artist's statement - what and why I shoot
  • submission of 20-30 images high resolution (highest file size available) via disk or ftp, with brief caption information
  • photo of photographer, also high resolution


All shots must have been taken in our coverage region: the mountains of nine states: VA, WV, TN, KY, AL, GA, MD, NC, and SC.

Click here for a state-by-state and county-by-county breakdown of our territory.


Blue Ridge Country buys one-time North American rights, with said rights including use of photos on company promotional materials and on its website. We require a one-year exclusivity on any image appearing on BRC covers before it is submitted elsewhere. We do not acknowledge as binding the terms of individual photographers' submittal forms. BRC pays upon publication.

Submissions may be slides, medium or large format transparencies or high or low-res digital – submit on disk or via e mail as .jpgs, .tiffs or in .pdf files, or contact us if you wish to use ftp. High-resolution digital should be submitted as raw .tiff files. We rarely are able to use print film photos in photo essay. Please include caption info with your submissions and contact sheets with any digital submissions.

Please include cutlines or identifying information for all photos – especially specific geography (where/when was a photo shot). Any full-facial photos of people must have releases or permission.


Kurt Rheinheimer, Editor
Blue Ridge Country magazine photo submissions INCLUDE ISSUE MONTHS

3424 Brambleton Ave. SW
Roanoke VA 24018

E-mail submissions:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please don't submit non-digital images (slides, transparencies) for more than two issues in advance – there are definite limits to our time and storage space here. Post this calendar wherever you find it most handy for future reference.


Whenever possible, assign short file names to your photos. Anything beyond 12 characters (plus file extension) and we must rename from this end to be able to use them. We do understand that many of you have already-established archiving and submission systems and this may be too disruptive.

If you have any further questions, please e-mail Kurt Rheinheimer/Editor at or call (540) 339-3815.