The Melungeons: A New Journey Home



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Your article on melungions has given me some clues in finding
The source of my dna profile.the well documented geneology of my abraham lent/riker surname is at variance.i was born in columbia sc 1951.when my mother made frequent referance to black irish there was a certain ring to that phrase in her voice that caught my attention.rh negative births are rare and limited to a small genetic group.i was allergic to all food other than goats milk when born.

eric lent more than 5 years ago

RH negative

RH negative births are NOT rare and are NOT limited to any particular genetic group. There are no "Melungeon" diseases or other physical traits.

Katy more than 4 years ago


Only 15% of the whole population of the world are rh begs. I would say that's rare.

Anna Russell 284 days ago

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