Kentucky's Hensley Settlement: Time Turned Backwards

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Hensley Settlement

So enjoyed reading this article. My sister and I are taking our father who is a descendent of the people whom this article is written to see the settlement this Fall. I am beyond excited! My father is 80 now and lovesto reminisce about growing up in the mountains of Kentucky. His memory amazes me. I will share this with him when I go to see him next weekend. Although he has lived in Ohio since 1953 his love for the Kentucky has never left him.

Karen Hensley Hicks more than 3 years ago

Also descendents

Hi! My mom's father is also from this family and her maiden name is Hensley. Have you heard anything about the family reunions?

Jen Borch 51 days ago

I was there 2 days ago

It was a grueling hike up the mountain, with a bunch of Smoky Mountains Hiking Club folks but, oh, the reward of the Settlement. Well worth the climb. Martins Fork is not a good option for attaining the summit - be warned. You might even be sharing a woman's outhouse with a little gray mouse!

Pat Serio more than 4 years ago

Hensley settlement

I have a book all about the Hensley settlement. This is my family. I think its funny how afraid everyone was of them. The police didn't even mess with them. I hope to someday go see this settlement.

Sarah Hensley Nelson more than 4 years ago

Hensley Settlement: Book

Sarah, I know your post is 296 days old but still I'm hoping to know the name and author of the book and if you could give the ISBN numbers.

VickieA more than 4 years ago

Hensley Settlement

Did you ever find the book. I'd like to have one. What's the name and author? Thank you.

Tammy Hensley more than 2 years ago

Hensley Settlement

My mother, Bernice Hicks (Dean) was born to Emily Dean (Hensley). I believe they were raised (for at least most of their life) on that mountain at Hensley Settlement.

Tom Hicks more than 5 years ago

Decendent of Hensleys mt.

Fenly Hensley was my great uncle brother of Starlin Henley my grandfather and my father Gilbert F. Hensley is one of 12 children born to StarlinHensley and Minny Patton Hensley, I knew these people and paid a visit with my father Gilbert Hensley as a child, will be happy to share more information you can get me on my email

Deborah Ann Hensley/ by birth more than 5 years ago

My Summer at Hensley Settlement

As a young boy of 16 in 1966 I help restore the buildings at Hensley Settllement. I wrote my name in cement by the fireplace of the building with the stone floor.I help to put small rock an sand under the stnoe slab floor before we put the floor down.We restore all the buildings an put all new clay in the logs.I also remenber the many rattlesnakes big an little.But also I remenber all the fun times I had there.

larry mcnutt more than 5 years ago

Hensley Settlement

Great history lesson about my ancestors!!

Paula more than 5 years ago

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