Frog Level Lives!



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More Frog Levels than you can shake a stick at

I live in Orange County, NC about 12 miles from Chapel Hill, 5 miles from Hillsborough in the Bingham Township. Our neighborhood has been known as Frog Level for at least a 100 years if not longer. Apparently throughout the South there are many Frog Levels, although yours if the first I've heard of in the mountains! It's usually a "low place in the road" where there are, of course, lots of frogs. It can be deafening here sometimes in the summer.

Jeffery more than 5 years ago

another Frog Level

I grew up in SW VA in Big Stone Gap, VA. We had a section of town called "Frog Level" which was just down the street from my childhood home.

Libby Cooper more than 5 years ago

Frog Levels galore

There is a Frog Level in Caroline County, VA. I was unaware of the one in Tazewell County, having little connection to those parts of the state west of Boones Mill.

Two Frog Levels in one state is one too many! They should be forced to have a contest of some sort, and the best Frog Level wins.

Any ideas on an appropriate contest?

William Burke more than 3 years ago

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