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The Stewarts

My great grandmother was Charlie's first cousin. The family always said he was killed because he wouldn't move. They were not liked in that area (, trouble makers ) and planned to move. Frankie being young wanted to move with her family Charlie said no. Her family help her get rid of him which is why her dad told her to "die with it in you Frankie " so the family didnt get in trouble.

Jenniekr 46 days ago

The true story

The most factual account of this tragedy was written by Peggy Poe Stern in a book simply called "Frankie". Anyone interested should read this well reserched book.Nancy's life is also included which is an amazing story in its self. The book was published in 2014.

Kallen 124 days ago

Silver descendant here

I am the 3x great granddaughter of Greene Berry Silver. Greene was Jacob's brother and Charlie's uncle. The book to read that's most factual is Perry Deane Young's book. Frankie did this in pure self defense. I'm a former abuse victim myself. In that moment, it's your life or his. Then, after the moment, the consequences hit her. She knew that she would hang. She butchered him after he expired to try to hide the evidence. She was scared, plain as that.

Lisa Leikus more than 1 year ago

Stewart Descendent

I recently shared this story with my mother. She knew the song. My beloved is a Stewart and is a cousin to the Silver family. His mother is from Spruce Pine as was his father, Mavis and Robert Stewart. Charles and Pris Silver are also dear to me. Sometimes the best answers are the ones we never get.

Kelly Hofmann 226 days ago

Nancy Silver Parker

Visit our face book page

Riley Henry more than 1 year ago

I believe Frankie

I am a direct descendent- one of Nancy's through her daughter Margaret Alice Parker Thomas. Of course NO ONE will ever know what was said to provoke such a horrible deed that night- the 2 teen parents are dead and Nancy was only 1 year old, so thankfully no memories to haunt her dreams. That being said, I do have my version. My Great great great great grandfather (Charlie) was a typical horny teenage boy-- and a new dad--he sought adventure--loved Frankie but was overwhelmed by the new family and reacted poorly to the situation. My great great great great Grandmother (Frankie) was also overwhelmed by motherhood, being a wife, and lonely. She reacted poorly to a very emotional and volital situation. So very sad that 2 teens lost their lives and a baby lost her parents. But these 2 have left a great legacy of multiple granchildren and the Silver and Stuart/Stewart family lives on strong and robust in western NC. I am proud of my family heritage!

Penny Thomas Jenkins more than 1 year ago

Families today

I am curious, since both families are still in the same area, (i think that is what you said) do the families ever intermingle or have their been any more marriages between the families?

Leslie more than 1 year ago

Frankie Silver

No one wants to believe a pretty little 18 year old girl would, or could, kill her husband, but apparently Frankie did. The question is, was it justified or not? I figure the truth is probably somewhere in the middle of the two extremes. Even in those days, things were not simple or "cut and dried" when it came to family relations. Frankie had a hard life, and if her husband didn't do his part, then it was even harder. The real victim was the baby Nancy, who had to grow up without her mother or her father. In Sharyn McCrumb's The Ballad of Frankie Silver, the character Nelse Miller makes an excellent point--that we can't judge a person based on one event. We won't ever know what happened in that tiny mountain cabin in 1831, but we can surmise that there was much more than what meets the eye. I find it fascinating that even among the descendants of the Silvers that there are different versions. I would love to hear the story from a descendant of the Stewarts.

Sarah Sanders more than 1 year ago

Nancy Silver Parker

If you want to read the Stewarts side of the story and what happen to Nancy, read the book "A Life for Nancy Daughter of Frankie Silver" Visit our face book page. A Life for Nancy Daughter of Frankie Silver.

Riley Henry more than 1 year ago

Silvers family murder

This is my family. My grand mother is Mary Lou silvers. This story has been passed down and told through out our family for years and years. Nobody knows what happened for sure as Frankie was the only one who will ever know the full truth. Still an interesting story that is still being told in my family.

Taylor johnston more than 2 years ago

In Defense of Charles Silver

The "Go TO GUY" for anything about his story certainly makes a case as to why we cannot possibly listen to Albert's interview, "that noone knows what happened cause She and the baby and Charles were the only ones there! Then goes even FUTHER putting out a bunch of ideas of his own with things said except his is even WORSE! How did he know what he was sent to do, what happened and wat was said.. This is where LIES and rumors get started. We know this.. A man was brutally beheaded, disembowled and burnt and hid. A woman who was supposed to love her husband, had lied about where he went and story changed constantly. She even tried to lie about being a man in her escape attempt.. Not one lil word was there ever mentioned in any official document or evidence to the fact of abuse.. However, we have TONS of false statements and actions to cover up from her. I tell you, its a backwards world when they try to sympathize with such an evil murderer. This man was faithful to her, her own family and witnesses attested to it. All the other mess is just pure speculation. I have the court documents and am a direct descendant of the Silver Family.. AND its SILVER withOUT an S! The family would tell you fast back then if you ever put an S on it!
It just so happened she chose a night to do it when all the wood was cut for Christmas holiday.. The mt people's custom was to get chores done for the whole week of the holiday so they could enjoy it. My mother used to sit and listen to her G. G. Grandfather who would come and tell the whole thing to them every year. He had got the information from his own family.. Charles's half brother who was a teen at the time.

Lara Martin more than 2 years ago


My grandmother is Natalie Silver, from which my name was derived Bridget Silver. Unfortunately, as far as the story goes within the family itself, most of us have subscribed to the belief that Frankie killed Charlie in his sleep. I'm glad to hear that the facts being opening discussed as it never really sat well with me. I lean torwards believing that there was some sort of blow out fight You know how these things go. I've read "The Ballad of Frankie and Charlie" but didn't find that it provided much factual information at all and seemed to be more of a story than anything else. Considering it all went down in the early 1800's we may never know!!

Bridget Silver Ray more than 2 years ago

When in doubt...

...go with the "I was abused and feared for my life" story. Dead men can't put on a proper defense. Works well today and we can apply the same thing all the way back centuries...

Mister-M more than 2 years ago


Unless I am mistaken.....her daddy told her to shut up while they were hanging her. Could have been her Dad.....

Kelly Hofmann 225 days ago

last words

I always heard that she opened her mouth to speak and her mother said "die with it in you Frankie".

David Johnson 55 days ago

Her Dad was suspicious

I have the same story of her father in my genealogy records.

Jeannie Bridges Lewis 50 days ago

Charlie and Frankie's daughter, Nancy

I like this about Frankie and Charlie. You all need to read the book "A Life for Nancy-Daughter of Frankie Silver" for more info on Nancy. It will surprise you what that poor lady went thru.

Riley Henry more than 2 years ago

Lies and more lies in a book

That book is nothing but lies. There was no evidence ever anywhere that he abused her. That was lies spread around by newspapers and those people sympathetic to Frankie. Not one shred of it ever was submitted and neither did the woman tell that she killed him in self defense. EVER.. What she did do was heap up a bunch of lies, cover up and disrespect for the law of the land. IF character witnesses are performed, you would see a ton of evidence that her and her family did not care for the moral rights of the law or human beings. They were simply LIARS Murderers, Horse stealers and all died horrible deaths.

more than 2 years ago


Same thing my great grandmother said. They were a mean bunch. They wanted to move away and for Frankie to go too but Charlie said no. She didnt do it alone her father and brother helped her dismember and hide his body. Which is why they told her to "Die with it in you Frankie. "

Jsk7189 more than 1 year ago


It wouldn't have helped her to tell them it was self defense. Women were not allowed to kill a man no matter the circumstances.

Kallen 124 days ago


My Grandma Hattie Silvers said that he was a mean man and hit Frankie often The night he died he was trying to kill Nancy because she wouldnt stop crying.

missy more than 3 years ago


My Grandma Silvers said that Charlie was unfaithful to Frankie and that's what it meant by "she killed him in a fit of jealous rage". I believe my Grandma, but like Wayne said, no one was there so who knows.

SW more than 4 years ago


My great grandmother MaryJane Silvers said Frankie killed Charlie after he fell asleep in the rocking chair. Then her family helped her cover up the crime.

JSK7189 more than 4 years ago


These great grandparents of everyone who has commented are only repeating gossip. They weren't alive in the 1830s. Could not really know the facts.

Kallen 124 days ago


No Kallen my great grandmother was alive at the time and knew them both..

Jsk7189 46 days ago

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