Reader Favorites: Mary Draper Ingles' Return to Virginia's New River Valley



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Mary Ingles

Several years ago, I was given a copy of driving directions that roughly followed Mary Ingles' route. I have sense misplaced it. Do you know if and where I can find the directions? It has been on my "bucket list" for years to follow along on this path. Thank you!

Kathleen Ernst 170 days ago

Mary Ingels draper

This is amazing family history .. Can't wait to finish my books looking for the black and white movie the long way home. I don't know of anywhere it would be .

Brandy Gerardiello 176 days ago

The long way home

The only thing I know about is a outdoor theater that did the long way home....
It is no longer in production.
Never hear about a black and white movie

Barbara Randall 136 days ago

Adam Harmon

Adam Harmon, the man that found Mary Ingles calling for help, is my 8th great-grandfather. This is an amazing feeling that my grandfather helped the 23-year old woman and maybe saved her life.

John Draper 254 days ago

Adam Harmon

That's amazing! Do you know if it's possible to view the primary documents regarding Mary?

Jan Collier 246 days ago


So glad your Ancestor helped Mary. A few years later she would give birth to a daughter named Polly. Polly married John Grills. My daughter is Lindsay Grills - Mary Draper Ingels is her 9th great-grandmother. John's sister Eleanor Grills married Mary's son Thomas. Eleanor and two children of their were attacked by Indians. Eleanor survived but the children did not.

Debora Grills 27 days ago

Audio Book on Mary Draper Ingles

I listened to the Audible edition of Follow the River and it is excellent. We travel this route from Alabama to Virginia when we visit our son. We hope to stop and visit the area on our next trip to Virginia. We are origninally from Kentucky, as well, so are well aquainted with the spot where Mary ended up when she was abducted by the Indians. This is a fascinating story, and listening to it on audio is an excellent way to learn about it.

Debbie Higdon more than 2 years ago

John Draper and Mary Draper Ingle's

I think I'm related to John Draper and Mary Draper Ingle's trying found out if I'm, they could be my 10-20 great grandpa and aunt.

Ronald D Cooper more than 3 years ago

Source of info for Draper Ingles genealogy

Look up and down load the "History and Genealogy of the Ege family in the United States" 1738-1911 by Rev. Thompson P. Ege D.D. you might find the family ties.

Frank Ege 244 days ago

My trip to follow Mary's great ordeal

In 1998 I traveled from Oregon to learn more about Mary in her native land. I had read 'Follow the River' by Alexander Thom, and was absolutely obsessed by the desire to see her home and the New River country. I was able to meet both Roberta Ingles Steel and Lewis Ingles Jeffries. They were so gracious in showing us the old home built by son John as well as the old tavern. We are life-long admirers of Mary and William and their family. They are examples of the great courage.

Max Wright more than 4 years ago

Back issue

Is it possible to purchase a back issue containing the story of Mary Ingles Draper from 1998? If so, what would it cost? Thanks

Chris Lutz more than 4 years ago

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