Tragic Ends: Frankie and Charlie Silver



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Silvers family murder

This is my family. My grand mother is Mary Lou silvers. This story has been passed down and told through out our family for years and years. Nobody knows what happened for sure as Frankie was the only one who will ever know the full truth. Still an interesting story that is still being told in my family.

Taylor johnston 74 days ago

In Defense of Charles Silver

The "Go TO GUY" for anything about his story certainly makes a case as to why we cannot possibly listen to Albert's interview, "that noone knows what happened cause She and the baby and Charles were the only ones there! Then goes even FUTHER putting out a bunch of ideas of his own with things said except his is even WORSE! How did he know what he was sent to do, what happened and wat was said.. This is where LIES and rumors get started. We know this.. A man was brutally beheaded, disembowled and burnt and hid. A woman who was supposed to love her husband, had lied about where he went and story changed constantly. She even tried to lie about being a man in her escape attempt.. Not one lil word was there ever mentioned in any official document or evidence to the fact of abuse.. However, we have TONS of false statements and actions to cover up from her. I tell you, its a backwards world when they try to sympathize with such an evil murderer. This man was faithful to her, her own family and witnesses attested to it. All the other mess is just pure speculation. I have the court documents and am a direct descendant of the Silver Family.. AND its SILVER withOUT an S! The family would tell you fast back then if you ever put an S on it!
It just so happened she chose a night to do it when all the wood was cut for Christmas holiday.. The mt people's custom was to get chores done for the whole week of the holiday so they could enjoy it. My mother used to sit and listen to her G. G. Grandfather who would come and tell the whole thing to them every year. He had got the information from his own family.. Charles's half brother who was a teen at the time.

Lara Martin 321 days ago


My grandmother is Natalie Silver, from which my name was derived Bridget Silver. Unfortunately, as far as the story goes within the family itself, most of us have subscribed to the belief that Frankie killed Charlie in his sleep. I'm glad to hear that the facts being opening discussed as it never really sat well with me. I lean torwards believing that there was some sort of blow out fight You know how these things go. I've read "The Ballad of Frankie and Charlie" but didn't find that it provided much factual information at all and seemed to be more of a story than anything else. Considering it all went down in the early 1800's we may never know!!

Bridget Silver Ray 337 days ago

When in doubt...

...go with the "I was abused and feared for my life" story. Dead men can't put on a proper defense. Works well today and we can apply the same thing all the way back centuries...

Mister-M 359 days ago

Charlie and Frankie's daughter, Nancy

I like this about Frankie and Charlie. You all need to read the book "A Life for Nancy-Daughter of Frankie Silver" for more info on Nancy. It will surprise you what that poor lady went thru.

Riley Henry more than 1 year ago

Lies and more lies in a book

That book is nothing but lies. There was no evidence ever anywhere that he abused her. That was lies spread around by newspapers and those people sympathetic to Frankie. Not one shred of it ever was submitted and neither did the woman tell that she killed him in self defense. EVER.. What she did do was heap up a bunch of lies, cover up and disrespect for the law of the land. IF character witnesses are performed, you would see a ton of evidence that her and her family did not care for the moral rights of the law or human beings. They were simply LIARS Murderers, Horse stealers and all died horrible deaths.

321 days ago


My Grandma Hattie Silvers said that he was a mean man and hit Frankie often The night he died he was trying to kill Nancy because she wouldnt stop crying.

missy more than 2 years ago


My Grandma Silvers said that Charlie was unfaithful to Frankie and that's what it meant by "she killed him in a fit of jealous rage". I believe my Grandma, but like Wayne said, no one was there so who knows.

SW more than 2 years ago


My great grandmother MaryJane Silvers said Frankie killed Charlie after he fell asleep in the rocking chair. Then her family helped her cover up the crime.

JSK7189 more than 2 years ago

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