Tragic Ends: Frankie and Charlie Silver



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Charlie and Frankie's daughter, Nancy

I like this about Frankie and Charlie. You all need to read the book "A Life for Nancy-Daughter of Frankie Silver" for more info on Nancy. It will surprise you what that poor lady went thru.

Riley Henry 4 days ago


My Grandma Hattie Silvers said that he was a mean man and hit Frankie often The night he died he was trying to kill Nancy because she wouldnt stop crying.

missy more than 1 year ago


My Grandma Silvers said that Charlie was unfaithful to Frankie and that's what it meant by "she killed him in a fit of jealous rage". I believe my Grandma, but like Wayne said, no one was there so who knows.

SW more than 1 year ago


My great grandmother MaryJane Silvers said Frankie killed Charlie after he fell asleep in the rocking chair. Then her family helped her cover up the crime.

JSK7189 more than 1 year ago

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