July 1, 2012

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Mimi the Deer

I too raised a fawn that I pulled out of a swamp. I bottle fed her and she stayed close for a year. She is now in the mountains with her own kind, but I miss her like crazy. She was so sweet and loving...a gift from God.I wish everybody could experience the kind of love these amazing creatures show.It has changed me forever.

Kimberly Hale more than 1 year ago

Mimi the Deer

I loved the story of Mimi and was sad that she died. The good thing was that you made some great pictures that will be in your family for years to come. Having her in your life like that is what I call a God Thing cause only He could have made that happen. Animals do bring a peace we do not understand.

Mike Wood more than 2 years ago

Baby Deer

That true story about the little deer Mimi and the people who saved her, was honestly one of the most moving stories ever. How fortunate for both sides.I wished all people believed animals were one of the biggest parts of healing, why is that? Only one answer can be certian. Because God created them.

Beka Hale more than 2 years ago

Mimi the Deer

I Loved the Story Also. Animals Do feel your Pain!! They Hurt when you Hurt I Believe that!!!!God Created them I Wish People Could Realize That!! My Neighbors dog for example. When I am Upset Crying she Comes to me. And she Lays her head in my lap /puts her face to mine. And Looks at me those Big Brown eyes like I know!!! I Call her My Guardian Angel Dog!!! She Wont Leave me till I have Cried it Out!!! I Love Her!! I Do Believe Healing Power of animals !! I Agree Looking into Bell's Eye Is Soothing to the Soul!!! She Knows when I am upset!! I Loved your deer Story!!! I Really Love animals!!! They are Truley Man's Best friend!!!

Lori's Outdoor Photography more than 1 year ago

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