Winning Images: 2012 Fall Photo Contest

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2012 Fall photo contest

Thanks for choosing my image as part of the contest. Number 2.

Serge Skiba more than 5 years ago


Thanks for including my photos in the slide show! I was thrilled to be a part of this great project..I love Blue Ridge Country!


Patsy Phillips more than 5 years ago

Thanks BRC!

I'm honored Blue Ridge Country magazine chose my image. Elk River Falls should be on everyone's bucket list and Blue Ridge Country magazine should be on their coffee table... Thanks!

John Livingston more than 5 years ago

2012 Fall Photo Contest

I just want to thank you for having chosen my picture, number 13 in the slide show. It gives me great pride knowing Blue Ridge Country thought enough of photo to include it. Thank you again.


John R. Hastings, Sr. more than 5 years ago

BRC Cover ND 17

BRC Subs MJ 16

BRC News Sprocket2