Banana Croquettes in the Bluegrass State



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Delicious (Miracle Whip ONLY)

This midwestern food (KY never left the Union) is always a hit! It’s eaten as an appetizer, side item, and dessert (no idea where this crazy “salad” idea came from). Lastly, one MUST use Miracle Whip in the recipe. NEVER use mayonnaise. Trust me on this. Even if you’re not a Miracle Whip fan normally, you will be on Banana Croquettes. Life is too short for subpar Banana Croquettes. Made properly and they could potentially bring about world peace. Made improperly (with Mayo) and too few, and Armageddon may start early. You have now been properly advised.

James 117 days ago

Nope, never miracle whip

I grew up with "Aunt Sally's bananas" and after she died, my son decided that they needed to live on. We make them exactly like she did, with cut bananas, mayonaise and chrushed peanuts. Well, not exactly like she did because her hand written recipe specifically says "spanish peanuts" and I have to admit that I don't go the extra step to find them. Regular peanuts work just fine, honest. Aunt Sally was from Kentucky, but after she married my Uncle and moved to New England, she never lost her southern accent, or her incredible hospitality.

Bobbe Anderson 50 days ago

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