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Kurt Rheinheimer

Old Favorite Summer Hikes and a New Stretch of New River Trail Biking

Carvins Cove, Watoga State Park, Bicycling on the New River Trail and more make up Kurt's June and July hikes. more

Aug 6, 2018 12:53 PM Kurts Hikes


Kurt Rheinheimer

From Coast to Cove

A coastline, Carvins Cove and a few more spots make Kurt's summer hikes pleasant ones. more

Jun 25, 2018 10:05 AM Kurts Hikes


Kurt Rheinheimer

Lots of Carvins Cove and a Bit of the Shenandoah

Kurt's April hikes include plenty of Carvins Cove, along with other great spots. more

May 18, 2018 3:25 PM Kurts Hikes


Kurt Rheinheimer

Mostly Local

A favorite walk and beautiful spring views make Kurt's March hikes terrific ones. more

Apr 25, 2018 10:39 AM Kurts Hikes


Kurt Rheinheimer

Bobcats! (Not)

Kurt's February hikes included a Valentine's hike, frozen waterfalls and ... a bobcat?! more

Mar 28, 2018 4:47 PM Kurts Hikes


Kurt Rheinheimer

Cold n Urban

Kurt's January hikes included braving the cold weather, an old favorite and beautiful views. more

Feb 21, 2018 8:04 AM Kurts Hikes


Kurt Rheinheimer

Through the Cold

Cold weather couldn't deter Kurt and family from their monthly hikes. Read on about his December 2017 adventures. more

Jan 30, 2018 12:03 PM Kurts Hikes


Kurt Rheinheimer

Back to the Woods after a Month Off for a Much Bigger Cause

Kurt's hikes are back up and running after a family member's health scare and his one-in-a-million recovery. more

Dec 14, 2017 11:40 AM Kurts Hikes


Kurt Rheinheimer

Apple Orchard, the Chessie and Just Missing Baby Roo

Tasty tacos, a coworker's wedding and hiker babies were all part of Kurt's September hikes. more

Oct 6, 2017 2:37 PM Kurts Hikes


Kurt Rheinheimer

New Hikes at Big House, Rumbling Bald

Big views, pleasant loops and ice cream rewards can all be found in Kurt's August hikes. more

Sep 18, 2017 8:30 AM Kurts Hikes


Kurt Rheinheimer

Kurt's July Hikes

Kurt's hikes in July included a brand new spot, as well as favorites like Carvins Cove. See more of his adventures here! more

Aug 17, 2017 3:04 PM Kurts Hikes


Kurt Rheinheimer

Kurt's June Hikes

Kurt's hikes in June include Carvins Cove, Tinker Creek greenway, Mill Mountain and a few more, with family fun along the way. more

Jul 26, 2017 9:36 AM Kurts Hikes


Kurt Rheinheimer

Water—Fresh and Salt

Kurt's hikes in May includes a new favorite trail for him and the Greatest Day Hiker. more

Jun 8, 2017 2:18 PM Kurts Hikes


Kurt Rheinheimer

Kurt's April 2017 Hikes

Take a look back at Kurt's great hikes in April, with one demanding hike that's as beautiful as ever. more

May 10, 2017 4:07 PM Kurts Hikes


Kurt Rheinheimer

Kurt's March 2017 Hikes

Kurt and Gail take a few more adventures along the AT. See their March journeys here! more

Apr 17, 2017 10:02 AM Kurts Hikes


Kurt Rheinheimer

A Good Encounter and a Fine Anniversary

Kurt shares his February hiking travels with us, including a 13th anniversary celebration hike. more

Mar 9, 2017 4:46 PM Kurts Hikes


Kurt Rheinheimer

Kurt's January 2017 Hikes

Editor Kurt and the Greatest Day Hiker share their January hiking adventures. more

Feb 3, 2017 12:00 AM Kurts Hikes


Kurt Rheinheimer

Kurt's December Hikes

Even in cold December weather, Editor Kurt and his wife managed to get in a few good hikes. See where they hiked here. more

Jan 4, 2017 3:20 PM Kurts Hikes


Kurt Rheinheimer

Kurt's November Hikes

Editor Kurt's November hikes are full of food and play. more

Dec 12, 2016 10:44 AM Kurts Hikes


Kurt Rheinheimer

All Careful, All Urban

See Kurt's Hikes for October with an all-urban, all-smooth, all-flat for the month journey due to the Day Hiker's recent surgery. more

Nov 1, 2016 3:19 PM Kurts Hikes