The Lazy Baker: Quick Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

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can you omit the cocoa ? I like peanut butter fudge to look like peanut butter not chocolate

Terry Spencer-Rosebrock more than 3 years ago


This is my fudge recipe and everyone loves it! It's from an old WWI cook book that my grandmother had.

Sherri Kenski more than 3 years ago


I have a similar recipe that was my grandmother's. She was married in 1910. In her version, it is cooked to the soft ball stage on the thermometer. Might it be the same one, Sherri?

Brenda Mason more than 3 years ago

Grandmother's fudge

My grandmother's fudge also cooked to the soft ball stage then we poured little patties on wax paper and let them harden. I guess I could do that with recipe too. Any thoughts :)

Pam Cook more than 2 years ago


Yes, soft ball stage but it included 2 tbsp. corn syrup.

Sherri Kenski more than 2 years ago



TEAL more than 3 years ago


is it 4 teaspoons rather than 4 Tablespoons of butter? Thanks!

Jerry Gregory more than 3 years ago


Its 4 tablespoons of butter.

Kathleen more than 3 years ago


can block choc be used instead of cocoa?

JanetKing more than 3 years ago

Can you omit the peanut butter?

can you omit the peanut butter?

joEllen Yarber more than 3 years ago


can you leave pnut butter out and just make cho fudge?

Inez more than 3 years ago


I would like to know if a sugar substitute can be used ,to make this.

Jean Scroggins more than 3 years ago

Sugar substitute

I would think that a substitute such as Splenda would suffice. Thanks for reading!

Liz Long ( more than 3 years ago

Firm Fudgee

After I feel it's cooked long enough, to test is I put a small amount of cold water in a bowl. Drop a few drops of the mixture in the water.If it forms and holds together then it should set up.

Diana Cole more than 3 years ago

Lazy bakers Quick fudge

Mine didn't set up firm, what can I do to it to make it hard enough to cut into peices???

Teresa more than 3 years ago

Firm fudge

Hi - did you put in the refrigerator? I'd also try the freezer for a short time to see if that would fix the issue. Otherwise, it may be something within the making of the recipe that went wrong since fudge tends to be picky about its surroundings such as hot kitchens, overheating it on the stove, etc.

Liz Long ( more than 3 years ago

Quick Fudge

I have been making fudge all my life and if it does not get hard that means that you have not let the temperature get to the temp set for soft or hard fudge. I always use a candy thermometer. Also if you let it goes past the required temperature then you will get a sugary fudge not smooth and creamy as it should be.

J Plymate more than 3 years ago


use a candy therometer. The temp should reach 234 degrees F.

Bobbie more than 3 years ago

Quick Fudge

I always cook to soft ball stage (when dropped in cold water) and I do not stir (touch bottom of pan) once it starts to boil -- I don't even measure these ingredients, just according to how much I want to make :) good recipe, with or with out Peanut butter. Don't think I'd ever us 4 TBSP of butter tho.

Joanne Butler more than 3 years ago

great fudge. i have tried 2 times to get my fudge right.thanks i finally have a recipe thats works right.

my fudge has never work before .this time it good. thanks very much. ans MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

MARGARET RHOADES more than 3 years ago


Sounds very much like the fudge my Mom made. The only difference is that she dropped small bits of the boiling mixture in water to determine if it was ready to come off the heat. I will have to make some.

candance plymel more than 3 years ago

Quick Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

Made this Sunday evening and it was all gone by Thursday so I made more just moments ago. Quick, easy, and perfect for our sweet teeth. Thanks for sharing this!

Vickie Lynn more than 3 years ago

Which peanut butter to use?

Do you have to use a peanut butter like Jif or can I use peanut butter I make with just peanuts and no sugar or other additives?

Vicky more than 3 years ago

Peanut butter

I'm sure that your peanut butter with nuts would be pretty darn tasty! Also recommend Splenda if you can't use the real deal sugar.

Liz Long ( more than 3 years ago

Quick Cocolate peanut butter fudge

I was raise making this fudge, but we added oatmeal. I still make it almost every Christmas at age 52

Wanda more than 3 years ago

Old fashion Choc Candy

OH MY this is what my grandma and Mother made when I was a little girl, never did find it I am 69 and will make this and keep it and pass it to our daughter and granddaughter. thanks so much for sharing

Ruthie more than 3 years ago



SAMMYE CURETON more than 3 years ago

fudge won't firm up?

I've made a lot of fudge but I haven't made this. I believe however that if you want your fudge to get firm without the aid of a refrigerator so that it can be cut and transported as a gift it needs to be cooked to the soft ball stage (235-240F), then cooled until it begins to thicken. At that point using a mixer beat in the peanut butter and continue to beat until it looses it's glossy look and thickens into ridges as it's beaten, then pour into a pan lined with wax paper or buttered. From my recollection the butter and vanilla were added after the fudge has cooked and is cooled along with the peanut butter. 1 minute boiling won't make the right things happen for it to harden. To avoid fudge crystallizing (grainy with sugar), while heating the chocolate mixture use a damp paper towel to wipe the inside of the pan so that the fudge won't get on the sides of the pan and harden before it's all beaten together.

Brooke Neal more than 3 years ago


@ Brooke Neal: I made this fudge last night and followed the directions to a "T," including cooking it for one minute after it reached the roaring boil point. A mixer wasn't necessary -- just used a spoon to beat it for a short period of time. As the recipe indicates, the peanut butter and vanilla was added after after removing from the heat. I didn't cool it in fridge or freezer -- let it harden on counter top. It was perfect - not to mention delicious.

Trish more than 3 years ago

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