Old Footage of Sliding Rock in Pisgah Forest, NC



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Pretty! This was an extremely wonderful post. Many thanks for providing this information.

travel more than 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing....we have been coming to that area for twenty years. Sliding Rock is amazing...hope that the Pisgah Forest can stay pristine and not become commercialized like Gatlinburg.

cindy more than 5 years ago

I love Brevard! It's so sweet. And I still hold that 20 years later (in my case), Rocky's (DD Bullwinkles) still makes the BEST chocolate milkshake in the entire world! :)

llong more than 5 years ago

I'm from Brevard too! makes me home sick. Many fun times and adventures
in Pisgah. Everyone should plan at least one trip to Brevard in their life time.

Sherry Ledford more than 5 years ago

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