Hatfields & McCoys, Revisited, Part 9: "Rocks All The Way Down"



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dead horse

Seems like this subject matter has been beaten to death and no matter what new stuff you guys think you are coming up with, the story stays the same. Pretty sad to keep coming out with books and profiting on these people.

Santa more than 2 years ago

Hatfield n McCoy

For a while now I been looking for the turth about my family, distant family they are. being Abner Vance sr was my 5th great granddad on my dads side . On my moms William McCoy is my 5 th great granddad, nothing I have read or watched as felt right like something was wrong with the stories and as much as I enjoyed Kevin Costner movie it didn't feel right it made the family's look wild and just killed whenever and whoever they wanted to. I know we will never understand what really happen between these two family's but anyways, I like this story a whole lot better than any, I have heard, told and watched over the years. It's really sad on both sides of the river . To many lives ruined when they didn't have to be but it was a different time and different world.

Dawn more than 2 years ago

Editor’s Note:

Ever since it first appeared in our March/April 1996 issue the late Norma Lugar’s story about Roseanne McCoy and the brutal feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys has been one of the single most popular stories to grace the pages of Blue Ridge Country magazine. This guest blog series is meant to honor the legacy of that story by carrying the conversation forward and presenting new perspectives and information about the feud. Although the notable authors and historians we have invited to contribute to this series will make every effort to base their contributions in fact, please note the information and views shared in this series are those of the individual writers. We acknowledge that many of the exact details of the feud remain clouded to this day. If you have any opposing views or additional information, we invite you to join the discussion by sharing it in the comments section. Thank you!

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