Hatfields & McCoys, Revisited: Part 5.2 - The Legend of Abner Vance



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Abner Vance

Abner Vance was my 4th great grandfather, His Daughter Adena Sena was my 3th great grandmother, her Daughter Teena Ann Dempsey was my 2nd great great grandmother, her son Joseph Baisden was my great grandfather, his Daughter Dulcie Baisden Johnston was my grandmother.

Larry Johnston more than 2 years ago


I've taken a blood test that links me in the direct line of Abner's descendants. He is my fifth great, with his granddaughter Amy Browning being my third great. That's as far down as I've gotten, my father was born a Bias in Boone County but I've now been told a family secret that his father was in fact an Ellis. anyhoo, the blood test shows no, I mean absolutely zero not even a fraction of a percent, markers in common with any native American group.

Heather Bias more than 2 years ago

Native American

According to the DNA companies NA will not show up in your DNA if it is at least 5 generations back. They told me this and also said that this did not mean that there was not any NA in the line.

Jenett Morgan 49 days ago


Abner Vance's niece, Phoebe Vance, is my Great-great Grandmother. What a lot of Vance's want tell is that Abner Vance, David Vance II, and their two sisters are half Cherokee Indian. Phoebe Vance is David Vance II daughter. David Vance II is Abner Vance's brother. They also have two sisters. Their mother is full blooded Cherokee Indian. I know her name and where she is from. Also I have Abner Vance's Farewell Song he wrote.

Jenett Morgan more than 3 years ago

Abner Vance=Cherokee?

Would you please share what you know about Abner Vances' Cherokee ancestry with me? I'm a descendant of his as well. I can share with you my email if you'd like.

Bailey Edsall-Parr more than 1 year ago


A lot of people don't believe it is so unless it is in writing and on paper. I have run into one who has written about the Vance family and thinks she knows it all. And according to her if it isn't in writing it is so. Well I have new for her I DO know my line of Vance. I also have talked to an Indian, NC etc. There are some cases that there are not any records to be found but what one knows is true. I know this for fact. So if you find any information that Barbara Vance Cherep has written about on the Vance family you can believe it if you want to. I don't put much into stock about what she has to say or write. She tried to make me out a liar on what I know about my line of Vance. One of her friends even told me to have David's DNA done. I asked what she wanted me to do "Dig him up". I had my DNA done and there is some NA. I don't give out my information any more in public. Only in private to certain relatives and certain ones who is related to my line of Vance. I am tired of having ones like Barbara come back and act like I don't know my own relatives.

Jenett Morgan 49 days ago

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