Hatfields & McCoys, Revisited: Part 5.1 - The Legend of Abner Vance



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David Vance II (Jr)

David Vance II (Jr.) is my GGG Granddad and his brother Abner Vance, and two sisters Delila Vance and Jane "Aunt Jenny" Vance are also in my Vance family. I have grown up with the knowledge of the Vance family and have a copy of the original song that Abner Vance wrote. David Vance II (Jr.), Abner Vance, Delila Vance and Jane "Aunt Jenny", as my mom and aunts called her, father was David Vance I (Sr). I also have their mothers name. As for Barbara Vance Cherup I will never buy any of her books especially when one of her friends told me to have David Vance's DNA done. I asked her what did she want me to do "Digh him up." I am not the only one who will not buy her books etc.

Jenett 170 days ago

My 6x great grandfather

Abner Vance is my 6x great grandfather
Matthew Vance and Ann Jones had Abner Vance. Abner Vance and Susanna Howard had a son named William Vance who married Nancy Hardey and had Mary Vance who married Asa Helton and had James Helton and he married Rachel Brown and they had Nancy Helton and she married Andrew Steward Vance they had David Vance who married Martha Horn and they had Edgel Vance and he married Mary Blankenship then they had Bonnie Vance who married Johnny Allen they had Johnny Allen Jr who married Lisa Becker who had me

Quinn Allen more than 1 year ago

Abner Vance

I have this. My aunt did genealogy and gave me a copy where she wrote what she found. He was related to me.

Jenett Morgan more than 3 years ago

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Ever since it first appeared in our March/April 1996 issue the late Norma Lugar’s story about Roseanne McCoy and the brutal feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys has been one of the single most popular stories to grace the pages of Blue Ridge Country magazine. This guest blog series is meant to honor the legacy of that story by carrying the conversation forward and presenting new perspectives and information about the feud. Although the notable authors and historians we have invited to contribute to this series will make every effort to base their contributions in fact, please note the information and views shared in this series are those of the individual writers. We acknowledge that many of the exact details of the feud remain clouded to this day. If you have any opposing views or additional information, we invite you to join the discussion by sharing it in the comments section. Thank you!

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