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Campers of all ages are welcome at Georgia’s Camp Dixie.

Joe Tennis

Country Roads: Georgia’s Camp Dixie Celebrates 100th

On a typical Tuesday afternoon in the summertime, a gaggle of girls giggle among the rocks and rhododendron of Camp Dixie. Some swim and some paddle canoes, just as generations of other campers have done at this 350-acre Georgia Mountain oasis. more »

Apr 2, 2014 by in Country Roads

The Worthington House was built in 1851 and remained in the family until 1953. It was used as a field hospital during the Civil War.

Joe Tennis

The Hike: Monocacy National Battlefield

This easy walk amid the history of 150 years ago also includes a ridge-line oak-hickory forest. more »

Apr 1, 2014 by in The Hike

More from North Georgia

Want to learn more about Lake Chatuge? Step inside Charlemagne’s Kingdom? How about see a jetovator in action on Lake Nottely? You've come to the right place! more »

Feb 9, 2014 by in Worth a Click

Horseback Riding at the Dillard House

An interview with Pam Thompson, owner and operator of the Dillard House Stables in Dillard, Georgia. more »

Feb 6, 2014 by in Worth a Click (1 Comments)

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An assortment of plants overlooks the wave pool.

Jo Tennis

Wilderness at the Smokies Lies Near Tennessee's Rocky Top Trail

Joe Tennis stops off at this Sevierville, Tenn. resort while on assignment for our 2013 Travel Guide. more »

Dec 6, 2012 by in Behind BRC

Hard Candy Christmas

All over the calendar, craft fairs bloom like kudzu on tomato vines. Then come the heavy-hitters of November and December – a time when buyers shop and crafters love to sell. more »

Oct 18, 2012 by in Behind BRC

Joe Tennis

R&R Packs Fans Into Bristol

All came together along the Tennessee-Virginia border as the 12th annual Rhythm & Roots Reunion attracted thousands of folks, young and old, to Bristol on Sept. 14-16, 2012. more »

Oct 9, 2012 by in Behind BRC

Joe Tennis

TWEETSIE : A Timeless Theme Park

All of a sudden, we took a turn and found the Country Fair. It was loaded with rides, like little cars to drive, plus a merry-go-round, and it all sat in the middle of the Tweetsie Railroad theme park, encircled by active train tracks! more »

Jul 5, 2012 by in Word & Image