Lawless: Bondurant Boys as Appalachian Gangsters



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I've watched it 8 times I like it,im from their

Jerry blankenship 219 days ago


I rarely watch a movie more than once. I've now seen LAWLESS 5 times. Still seeing and hearing new things....... could become a classic - if not cult classic. Someone Big in Hollywood had it in for one or two of the producers/writers/directors . . . . .

Bobbslade more than 1 year ago


I really love this movie. We have watched it numerous times. My 13yr old son even got his hair cut like Forrest. I recommend everyone to watch this movie.

Danielle more than 2 years ago


I watch this movie over and over again. Some of my folks ran moonshine in their souped up cars bc even as a kid in Ga most we're dry counties in the 50's. I know this is sort of a romance with a flirt of danger that makes this movie so relatable with me. Tom Hardy is great, as for Jason Clark, and Shia... Deb

Debi more than 2 years ago


This was an awesome movie!!!!!!!!!! I can watch it over and over. The brothers were sexy as hell! Omg this is a must see.

Tiandreosborne more than 3 years ago

[...] I originally wrote this for my magazine’s blog (Blue Ridge Country Magazine). [...]

Lawless: Bondurant Boys as Appalachian Gangsters | Word of the Nerd more than 4 years ago

I was first in to see it in Rocky Mount, our B&B, The Claiborne House is just up the hill from the movie theater, and although it was hollywood-ized, it was still very entertaining. Comparing it to the book or real life shouldn't really apply, it is just a movie, to make money. So in the end, people got a kick out of it, always wanting the home team to win, over the out-of-towners.

I recommend seeing it, but please don't bring your kids. Innkeeper at The Claiborne House B&B in Franklin County, Virginia

InnkeeperVA more than 4 years ago


Best movie in a LONG time! KUDOS TO ACTOR TOM HARDY!!!!

Pamela Robinson more than 3 years ago

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