Lawless: Bondurant Boys as Appalachian Gangsters



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I rarely watch a movie more than once. I've now seen LAWLESS 5 times. Still seeing and hearing new things....... could become a classic - if not cult classic. Someone Big in Hollywood had it in for one or two of the producers/writers/directors . . . . .

Bobbslade 134 days ago


I really love this movie. We have watched it numerous times. My 13yr old son even got his hair cut like Forrest. I recommend everyone to watch this movie.

Danielle 302 days ago


I watch this movie over and over again. Some of my folks ran moonshine in their souped up cars bc even as a kid in Ga most we're dry counties in the 50's. I know this is sort of a romance with a flirt of danger that makes this movie so relatable with me. Tom Hardy is great, as for Jason Clark, and Shia... Deb

Debi 359 days ago


This was an awesome movie!!!!!!!!!! I can watch it over and over. The brothers were sexy as hell! Omg this is a must see.

Tiandreosborne more than 1 year ago

[...] I originally wrote this for my magazine’s blog (Blue Ridge Country Magazine). [...]

Lawless: Bondurant Boys as Appalachian Gangsters | Word of the Nerd more than 3 years ago

I was first in to see it in Rocky Mount, our B&B, The Claiborne House is just up the hill from the movie theater, and although it was hollywood-ized, it was still very entertaining. Comparing it to the book or real life shouldn't really apply, it is just a movie, to make money. So in the end, people got a kick out of it, always wanting the home team to win, over the out-of-towners.

I recommend seeing it, but please don't bring your kids. Innkeeper at The Claiborne House B&B in Franklin County, Virginia

InnkeeperVA more than 3 years ago


Best movie in a LONG time! KUDOS TO ACTOR TOM HARDY!!!!

Pamela Robinson more than 2 years ago

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