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Her life was a tragic blend of love and war.

Pike County KY Tourism Commission

Reader Favorites - Hatfields & McCoys: Roseanna, Don't You Cry

Roseanna McCoy's tale is a classic story of a girl who loved too much. Little did she know how completely her happiness was doomed. Nor that she would become fuel in America's most famous, brutal feud. more »

Dec 1, 2013 12:00 AM Favorite Articles 15 Comments

Reader Favorites: A Love Affair With Mimi

The initial goal was to return the little deer as soon as possible to the wild. But the deer, and the couple it adopted, did not seem to want that to occur... more »

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Music is passed between generations.

Pat and Chuck Blackley

40 Reasons We Love the Blue Ridge Region

40 Reasons We Love the Blue Ridge Region more »

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The man and the craft. This photo of Gary Powers was taken in 1963, three years after his capture and soon after he began his association with Lockhead, as a test pilot for the U2 aircraft he'd flown over Russia.

Courtesy Gary Powers Jr / Cold War Museum

Francis Gary Powers: The Virginia Boy Who Spied On Russia And Came Home To Tell About It

Summer, 1943 Princeton, W.Va. "I left my heart up there, Pap, and I'm goin' back to get it," 14-year-old Francis Gary Powers told his father, Oliver, after his first plane ride - in a Piper Cub... more »

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The Estonoa wetland is covered with lilypads.

Denise J. Mathews

Tiny Lake, Big Save

A one-acre lake that had been tended to for more than a decade by a group of Virginia high school students was about to lose its caretakers when their school fell victim to consolidation. more »

Jan 1, 2012 12:00 AM Favorite Articles

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