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Guest Column, Mary Ellen Hammond: True Adventure Lies 15 Minutes Beyond The Parking Lot

Mary Ellen Hammond is the publisher of outdoor adventure guidebooks at Milestone Press in Almond, N.C. Milestone’s new hiking app, “Great Hikes of the Southern Appalachians,” is available for iphone and android. more »

Apr 21, 2014 Guest Columnists

The Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Wilderness provides a sampler of the ruggedness and the views.

Bill Hodge

From the Editor: Wilderness!

As the act that created our mountain wild places celebrates its 50th anniversary, it’s time to explore one. more »

Apr 1, 2014 Editor's Column Archive

Her life was a tragic blend of love and war.

Pike County KY Tourism Commission

Hatfields & McCoys: Roseanna, Don't You Cry

Roseanna McCoy's tale is a classic story of a girl who loved too much. Little did she know how completely her happiness was doomed. Nor that she would become fuel in America's most famous, brutal feud. more »

Dec 1, 2013 Favorite Articles (15 Comments)

Wayne Winkler: “There are still a great many possibilities open for exploration.”

Kurt Rheinheimer

Melungeon Mystery Solved? Or Opened to Further Exploration?

Twenty years ago, this magazine introduced the work of Brent Kennedy on his heritage as a Melungeon. The specifics of that research and a recent DNA study do several things, not the least of which is renewing and deepening interest in who we are... more »

Aug 1, 2012 Editor's Column Archive (1 Comments)

A Love Affair With Mimi

The initial goal was to return the little deer as soon as possible to the wild. But the deer, and the couple it adopted, did not seem to want that to occur... more »

Jul 1, 2012 Favorite Articles (4 Comments)

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